The Institute


The Institute is the training ground at The Lark Agency. Housed with CMPLX, The Institute provides on-the-job training and certifications for arts, entertainment, and social issue-related careers.

University Student



The Institute was established as a solution to educational access and programming of interest to the creative community. Directed by a mother and son, the heart of this institution is focused on education. Not just on arts, but holistic education.

As a teacher, Imogene taught her children in Primary School, Sunday School, and at home. It was important to her, that her children not only receive the education schools had to provide; but for them to challenge what they were learning with the truth. Her experience with troubled youth and expertise in issues of human resources, cultural diversity and inclusion, sensitivity training, and love of entertainment make her an invaluable addition to the team.

Kortnee's experience with education has been as tumultuous and informing as a rollercoaster. Since graduating high school in 2011, Kortnee cycled through many colleges and many majors – including music production. His background was in acting and music, so it seemed like the appropriate choice, but he soon found that he was learning what he'd already taught himself. This realization empowered him to further his knowledge, and create content to teach these things. Secrets the music industry doesn't want you to know immediately became available through #LarkU

However, it needed to be bigger. As a teacher to troubled youth, he realized that what was missing from the educational system was a heart. Recalling his experience at St. Casimir Regional School as a child, he was determined to create a space where learning could be safe, intuitive, and fun.


 The Institute is the first part of a funnel. You come for learning, training, and practical application – then you leave with a plan, resources, and path to your career; be it a traditional job in the arts or starting your own label. Our goal is to make it happen WITH you.


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