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The CMPLX Network is home to The Lark Agency's podcasts and audio content. Rhythm & Views, a late-night radio show, is our flagship show and is hosted by Kortnee McCall-Simmons. The show airs on Saturdays at 10 PM EST on WKNY (107.9 FM), and will soon come to streaming services. 


Rhythm & Views is a late night radio show that airs Saturdays on WKNY. First airing in February 2020, the show was created and is executive produced and hosted by Kortnee McCall-Simmons. His brother, Alex, originally hosted with him; but has since launched his own show (Vibe & Drive with Alex Simmons) on WKNY – Fridays at midnight!

The show features mostly independent music – with curated submissions that make up "The People's Playlist". In addition to new music weekly, Kortnee shares the latest in entertainment and celebrity news, pop culture, and current events. 

Since its premiere, Rhythm & Views has expanded its reach through social media and show-adjacent blog site. The Rhythm & Views blog site features expanded conversations, in-depth artist interviews, song and album reviews, and genre all-inclusive curated playlists.


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The show is currently expanding its reach to streaming services through its unfiltered counterpart Be A Man About It!, and edutainment-riddled Shop Talk   - from The CMPLX Network.

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