Where to Buy The Best Face Masks Right Now

Over the past few months, CDC regulations on face masks have switched up. The organization initially said wearing the face coverings was only helpful if you had the virus, but wouldn't be necessary if you aren't experiencing symptoms. The protocol has since shifted, and the CDC advises that anyone going out in public to wear a face mask. While this practice isn’t 100 percent effective in stopping the spread of coronavirus, it is certainly better than nothing, and it makes everyone around you less anxious in the grocery store. 

As one could expect, the commotion around COVID-19 hasn’t made acquiring a mask particularly easy, especially for anyone who wasn’t ahead of the curve when the nationwide shutdowns began to pick up.

Thankfully, there are plenty of brands out there that have produced masks. A lot of these brands selling masks online even have initiatives in place to raise money for nonprofits and donate to professional healthcare facilities to further in the ongoing battle against COVID-19, something that everyone should want to get behind.

We recommend staying home as much as you can above everything, but if you need a mask, and still want to look a little stylish when you leave the house, then we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of the brands doing their part in providing such an essential item during this global pandemic below. 

Please, pick up one of these and not an N95 or surgical mask. Leave those for the medical professionals and other essential workers interacting with people every day across the country who really need them. Also, PLEASE make sure to wear it the right way.


Where to Buy: profoundco.com Price: $25

Faraz Zaidi’s Profound Co. has taken a more stylish approach to face masks for anyone still trying to get a fit off during quarantine. Six different styles are currently being offered on the brands' online store that range from paisley to floral prints. Partial proceeds from the purchase of each cotton mask are being donated to International Refugee Committee, an organization aiding refugee families displaced from their homes and those living in overpopulated areas that have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Profound is also providing funds to organizations that provide N95 masks to healthcare works in the New York/New Jersey area.

Ball and Buck

Where to Buy:ballandbuck.com


Outdoor apparel company Ball and Buck has fittingly crafted camouflage masks to sell during the COVID-19 pandemic. For every mask purchased, the brand will donate one to a hospital in need. 


Los Angeles Apparel

Where to Buy: losangelesapparel.com Price: $30

Manufacturer Los Angeles Apparel is currently selling French Terry face masks in packs of three. An invisible metal insert allows the wearer to adjust the masks around the contours of their nose. They are also available in a wide variety of color options ranging from basic black to more eye-catching varieties like a combination of purple and yellow. Sales of the masks aid in Los Angeles Apparel’s effort to donate masks to essential workers in the field as well.

Standard Issue

Where to Buy: standardissuetees.com Price: $15

Jimmy Gorecki’s brand Standard Issue is known for producing some of the coziest sweatpants around, but the pro skater-turned-designer is currently using his platform to provide masks to the general public in this time of need. He created an original run of masks using repurposed T-shirt materials that features a pouch on the inside for disposable filters. It was donated to a local medical facility in Whittier, California. The masks are also currently available via the brand’s web store in packs of three. Anyone who spends over $100 will receive them for free with their purchase. 


Buck Mason 

Where to Buy: buckmason.com Price: $20

The Los Angeles clothing brand is currently taking pre-orders for packs of five cloth masks. The masks are made out of washable antimicrobial jersey cotton and colors will vary. For every mask sold, one will also be donated to needy communities in California and the rest of the country. The brand’s first production run of 10,000 masks will be finished within two weeks and promptly donated. Those who support Buck Mason’s cause will have their masks shipped out on the week of May 4th. A bulk order of 250 masks is also available for $1,000. If you would like to recommend a hospital or organization for Buck Mason to donate masks to, there is a Google form you can fill out here

Daniel Patrick

Where to Buy: danielpatrick.us Price: $25

You may remember Daniel Patrick from his Adidas collaboration at Complexcon Long Beach last year. Now, he's released a range of colorful cloth face masks for sale. Each mask is $25 and anyone who spends over $50 on Patrick’s website will receive one for free. The masks are made out of cotton and come in seven colorways.