TiDUS: The Muse Behind the Music

On this episode of Rhythm & Views, we've got a VERY special guest! His name is TiDUS and he's the best friend you always knew you wanted but could never seem to find. Influenced by Goth, hip-hop, Gregorian chants, the African Diaspora, and something beyond. TiDUS is noted for a nurturing sound that sits in its own genre. The New Jersey native's music speaks to the soul's journey.

He calls it "Higher-Self Music" and fans say it helps them navigate hardships. Join us as we get to know the man behind the music! As always, we've got brand new additions to "The People's Playlist!" Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and for more entertaining content check out our site https://www.itsrhythmandviews.com!

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