On this episode of Rhythm & Views, things get a little heated. We're talking about Lil TJay and the gram-burglars, Ceasar, and his unfortunate departure from VH1, and we wouldn't be Rhythm & Views without The People's Playlist. Let's get into it.

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En este episodio de Rhythm & Views, las cosas se calientan un poco. Estamos hablando de Lil TJay y los gramo-ladrones, Ceasar, y su desafortunada partida de VH1, y no seríamos Rhythm & Views sin The People's Playlist. Entremos en ello. Siga "The People's Playlist" en Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63wG8QivJmnSZiibYHdREo?si=8d551314552842df Envíe saludos y solicitudes: +1 (917) 210-2474 No olvide seguir el programa en redes sociales: https://linktr.ee/rhythmandviews

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