My Obsidian Skin


My Obsidian Skin is a beauty and skincare line that focuses on the issues concerning black and brown skin. We provide products that are effective for all walks and wears of skin.


My Obsidian Skin was established in early 2018 as Machiavelli Cosmetics. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, The Lark Agency shifted operations to a more socially-focused objective. In reducing regular activity, our time was instead spent helping small business owners and members of the creator community access funding and emergency resources, which didn't allow for the distribution of this brand.

Since then, the world has pushed forward and continued to consume beauty products like never before. Despite brands like Fenty Beauty taking the stage, we are still in need of brands that address the root issues – not just enhance the pre-existing form.


(MOS) is our response to this need. We provide a number of products that help with anti-aging, skin repair, hair maintenance, and more. Coming soon to our online store!

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