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The INDIE Card

We Major On The (MINOR)™

INDIE is a structured solution for the creative mind. When developing our products, we take a grassroots approach. Instead of kicking down the door, we put the key in your hand. Armed with a suite of tools to help you manage your finances, control your spending, and save for your future – you can put the mundane on autopilot, and get back to what you love.


What is INDIE?

While there are more than 42 easily identifiable revenue sources available to musicians, most only collect one or two. More often than not, that's from streaming and live performance; but what about the rest of it. Our solution doesn't only address the need to manage your finances, but we provide you with the knowledge and resources to simplify the process of finding the lost ones. Leaving you more time to do what you love, be indie.

Card Features

Dual Access

Credit Check-less

Withdraw Nationwide

BuyBlack Rewards

Instant Reload

You can access your funds instantly upon signup. Not only do you receive a physical card, but you're immediately issued a virtual card that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and don't worry, Indie is compatible with Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

We're here to help you, not hurt you! We do not check your credit when issuing the Indie card. In fact, we're working on a few credit-building products. Click here to be the first to sign up!

We offer fee-free withdrawals from any ATM within the Cirrus Mastercard network. Times are hard, we're not going to add fees and surcharges to that...but keep in mind that if you use an out-of-network ATM – they might.

We've built a comprehensive list of black/brown (women included!) owned businesses that we encourage you to shop with. In fact, we incentivize by offering up to 5% cashback for qualifying purchases at MAJORity-owned businesses. Have a partner suggestion? Send it in!


Got cash? Cash it in at any one of 166,000+ locations, including 7-Eleven, AAFES, Albertsons, Circle K, CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and more. 

Get your money up to two days early, and we mean it! Unlike traditional banks, we won't see your ACH transaction sitting there and leave your card to decline. Sign up for direct deposit, and get your money when you need it – to do the things you want.

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